T H E   L I T E R A R Y   C A B A R E T
    Of special interest to Literary Cabaret aficionados...
The Poet and the Player
A new play by Marilyn Bullivant
at the Teatro Santa Ana
in San Miguel's Biblioteca Publica.

Directed by Christine Foster
Stage Design by Gerry Holmes

MARCH 7,8,9,10  2012 - at 8pm
& Sunday MARCH 11  at 5pm

This original play, starring Rick Davey and Marilyn Bullivant, traces the two years in the life of T.S. Eliot leading up to the publication of his extraordinary, and arguably most famous, poem: The Waste Land.

Unbeknownst to many, Eliot was a great fan of the Music Hall (Vaudeville) and, particularly, of the singer/comedienne, Marie Lloyd, the superstar of her generation.  When she died in 1922, he wrote a moving eulogy; and yet they never met ... or did they?

This exciting new work, with music, explores the possibility of their meeting, and of the tempestuous relationship that may have ensued.